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  • What is Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)?
    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a systematic process consisting of collecting, analyzing, and using information to track the progress and performance of a project, program or initiative.
  • Why is Monitoring and Evaluation important?
    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is important because it helps organizations, businesses and changemakers to assess the effectiveness and impact of their projects, programs or initiatives ensuring they can make informed decisions, and improve overall performance.
  • How often should M&E be used?
    Monitoring and evaluating a program, project or initiative should occur regularly. The frequency may vary based on the nature and duration of the program, project or initiative.
  • How can Cósmica Consulting help my organization with M&E needs?
    Cósmica Consulting offers a range of services, including the development of M&E frameworks, designing data collection systems, conducting evaluations, conducting assessments and providing capacity building in M&E. We help organizations, businesses and changemakers define project objectives, develop measurable indicators, design data collection methods, and create an overall M&E plan.
  • How does Cósmica Consulting assist in implementing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans with organizations, businesses and changemakers?
    The process usually involves an initial consultation to better understand the priority needs of the project, program or initiative. During this consultation, we discuss proposal development, an agreement on terms, proposed implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) activities, and desired deliverables including a final evaluation report with strategic recommendations. We leverage technology for data collection, analysis, and reporting, optimizing processes and improving the efficiency of M&E into your organization, business and changemaker activities. Additionally, we provide training and capacity-building services to empower organizations to independently manage their M&E processes internally. We have expertise in many sectors (e.g., health, education, development), allowing organizations, businesses and changemakers to customize their services to meet their unique needs and challenges.
  • Does Cósmica Consulting have experience with domestic and global M&E projects? How does the firm ensure confidentiality and ethical considerations in their work?
    Yes, Cósmica Consulting has experience working on international projects, adapting their approach to different cultural contexts and addressing global development challenges. Domestic Expertise: Cósmica Consulting has a proven track record of delivering impactful M&E solutions for projects within the US. Their understanding of local nuances, regulations, and stakeholder dynamics allows them to tailor their services effectively working at all levels of government: local, state and national. Global Reach: With a commitment to excellence on the global stage, Cósmica Consulting has successfully undertaken M&E initiatives in international settings including, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and more. The firm's ability to adapt methodologies to different cultural contexts and address global challenges underscores its versatility and cross-cultural competency.
  • How does the firm ensure confidentiality and ethical considerations in their work?
    We adhere to professional ethics and standards, including confidentiality agreements, informed consent, and ethical data handling practices to protect the interests of clients and participants. We take pride in employing strict, confidential rigorous data collection, protection and validation methods, including training enumerators, implementing quality control measures, and conducting data audits to ensure accuracy and reliability.
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