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Monitoring & Evaluation Services

Your future strategic partner.

CÓSMICA CONSULTING is a strategic public health firm providing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services for changemakers seeking to make an impact.

“Monitoring & Evaluation is in everything we do on a daily basis: assessing which route is the best to take home, or how we can make changes that lead us to our most authentic and impactful selves tomorrow.”

CEO & Founder


What is Monitoring & Evaluation?

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a systematic process that involves the continuous tracking and assessment of project activities (this is known as monitoring) and the systematic analysis of outcomes and its impact (also referred to as evaluation) to ensure effective and efficient oversight. M&E provides insights for decision-making, learning, and improvement throughout the lifecycle of any project, program or initiative.

In simple terms, M&E is about keeping a close eye on how things are going during a project, program or initiative and figuring out if it's making a positive difference in the communities we want to serve. It helps us understand what's working well and what could be better, so we can make smart decision and make improvements over time.

Watch our quick two minute video below to learn more!

Why Monitoring & Evaluation?
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We specialize in helping organizations maximize their impact by providing expert guidance in tracking progress and assessing outcomes of projects, programs, and policies. ​

Our services include Performance Monitoring, Data Collection and Analysis, Impact Evaluation, Program Evaluation, Indicator Development, Baseline Studies, Data Management Systems, Capacity Building, Results-Based Management, Performance Dashboards, Qualitative Research, Knowledge Management, Mid-term and Final Evaluations, Risk Assessment and Management, Feedback Mechanisms.

Let us help you make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and showcase accountability, all while driving positive change in the community.

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Performance Monitoring

Regularly assessing and tracking the progress of projects or programs to ensure they are meeting their objectives.


Program Evaluation

Conducting comprehensive evaluations of programs to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.


Capacity Building

Providing training and support to improve M&E skills within organizations.

About Cósmica

Cósmica, is the visionary force behind Cósmica Consulting—a dynamic firm dedicated to empowering organizations with impactful Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) solutions.

As a passionate creative and CEO, Cósmica has cultivated Cósmica Consulting, LLC into a hub of expertise that drives sustainable change. Her adeptness in M&E, project management, corporate strategy, and more, forms the bedrock of her ability to shape the future of businesses.

Our Purpose


To inspire, support, and empower changemakers in their efforts to equitably evaluate & enhance services for everyone.


A future where access to quality services is enhanced and readily available to all.


To transform services through effective monitoring & evaluation, fostering equitable opportunities for individuals to thrive in life.

Work With Us

We offer Monitoring and Evaluation Simplified!

At Cósmica Consulting, LLC we help individuals & businesses evaluate their systems to make data-driven informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and showcase accountability all while driving positive change in the community.  


Our services are flexible and always tailored to your needs.


Connect with us today for a hands-on monitoring & evaluation consultation and identify opportunities to receive technical assistance for your current & future public health activities!

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